Beigel Technology Corporation

Beigel Technology Corporation provides electronic technology and product development services. We perform projects from feasibility studies and inventions through development of technologies and product lines on a global scale.

Founded in 2013, Mu-FX is dedicated to the modern all-analog refinement and re-issue of the classic Musitronics product line including the; Mu-Tron III, Octave Divider, Phaser, Bi-Phase and others.

Developing technologies, systems and services for the detection and localization of RF tags in unique environments and conditions.

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Official Mu-Tron Site

Information on the original Mu-Tron III.
Beigel Sound Lab

Information regarding the musical product: The Beigel Sound Lab Envelope Controlled Filter.
Musitronics Company Site

Musitronics Corporation history and information regarding the original Mu-Tron product line.

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